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Daley Love

African Black Soap Bar

African Black Soap Bar

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African Black Soap Bar



Traditional African Black Soap is made in West Africa from palm oil, palm kernel oil and water. The aroma and deep rich color result from the centuries old extractor process that blends the two ingredients together resulting in the finest skin cleanser available.

This soft black soap does wonders for irritated and sensitive skin that needs gentle healing. 

Key Benefit’s: 

Relieves acne and removes blemishes,

Prevents rashes, itching, dry scaly skin from developing

Clean pores

Rejuvenates the skin leaving your body fresh and clean,

Clears up pimples,





Body odor.



Roasted Cocoa Pods, Plantain Skin, Ash, Palm Oil, Water


This product is packaged in a facility that contains soy and nut products. 

This product is for external use. Do not ingest. Avoid eyes.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Tennyann S.

After my first bar i ordered 3 more so my family could see how good it really was it suds really well and makes your skin feel sooo clean its good for your face and body

Tennyann Street
African Black soap

This soap suds so well and makes your skin feel so good i love it this was my re order after using it the 1st day i was in love saw that there was a sale and ordered 3

Best and only cleanser and exfoliator you’ll ever need!

The African Bar Soap along with Rapha Gold Oil has completely transformed my skin! I’m a registered nurse and own a Med spa in which I specialize in aesthetics and skin care. Over the past 20yrs I have tried everything and this will forever be the only soap I use and recommend to all my clients. I suggest buying at least two! I wash my face with it twice daily followed by Rapha Gold Oil. It has completely healed and resurfaced my skin! I no longer have a single blemish, dark spots, uneven skin tone, uneven texture or large pores. My skin also used to be very oily and is now normal. You’ll certainly want to purchase the Rapha Oil as a moisturizer! I have another bar I use on my body and I’ve struggled with Keratosis Polaris my whole life and this is the only product I’ve ever found to help get rid of it. I use it daily and my KP has reduced at least 70% thus far and continues to get better.


Love the soap lather very well really deep clean the skin